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Why do we require a scheduled BINGO help?  
Simple.  Bingo is our biggest fundraising partner. 

Without it-your cost to register your child would

increase by $475!!

NEW Bingo Calendar!
Please use the calendar below to check your own date, or use to switch a date. 

If you can no longer make your date, BPW would appreciate it if you could switch 

dates with another upcoming assignment to assure we have the correct number of helpers each week.  If you find a date that is better and a willing member who will

 swap, just email us and let us know! This calendar will be updated and current at all times. Keeping us in the loop helps us keep track of our schedule.
If you can't find a swap, please email us ASAP so we can try to find

coverage for your date.  

No show Bingo Invoices ($475.00 per Bingo) are issued after BPW has exhausted all attempts to contact you and re-assign BINGO. If  you have  outstanding Bingo No-Show invoices unpaid, they will be attached to your child's registration file.  Invoice payments are due at time of registration or your child's registration

WILL NOT be accepted.

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