Pop Warner football conference of eastern Massachusetts has implemented

Age based division.

Billerica Pop Warner has elected to participate in this new age based division. Last season eastern mass was the only conference that had the D3 division which resulted in no playoffs beyond our own playoffs. By selecting this new age based division U14 through U10 teams will be able to participate in the national championships held in Orlando Florida.

This new division of play will have no bearing on the cheerleading levels and eligibility to play in the national cheerleading championship.


This division will be based on age only birth date on or prior to July 31st.


The age groups will be as follows:

U14 - ages 13&14 (formally patriot division)

U12 - ages 11&12 (following B team rules)

U10 - ages 9&10 (following D team rules)

U8 - ages 7&8 (following E team rules)

U6 - ages 5&6 (following F team rules)


A Fond Farewell...

February is a month of new beginnings for Billerica Pop Warner. As we say hello to a new month this week, we also welcome a new set of elected board members to our program. The ying to the yang of a welcome also means a farewell. We say goodbye and share our thanks for a job well done to our e-board members who will not be returning next season. There are a few members who have finished their service this year and will not be returning. We would like to recognize them for all their years of service to our children.


Rick Elliot, our public relations coordinator. Rick has been an assistant coach as well as our most recent PR coordinator. Every time you read a news story in the local paper, Rick had feverously typed and ran against newspaper deadlines to assure our kids were recognized every week.


Chuck Yavanian, our webmaster. Chuck finished up his BPW volunteering as a returning assistant coach for the A team. In his spare time, he kept on top of a very demanding

E-Board position handling all of our Facebook and Website correspondence. Chuck was presented a six-year service award, a desk clock, from BPW this past weekend at our banquet. Congratulations!


Patti Burris, our treasurer, completed her service to BPW in 2018. Patti has been with our program for many years, starting off as a team mom while cheering from the sidelines. She was a constant fixture behind the counter in the snack shack for years and always smiling at everyone she passed at the Lampson. She continued with the program for years after her children had aged out of football. She served us well as treasurer, all while working full time and attending law school. We want to wish Patti well in her future endeavors and congratulate her on all her hard work on and off the field. BPW was lucky to have you!


Rocco Magliozzi has worn many hats through the years in Billerica Pop Warner, the first of which was a shiny helmet. Rocco was a player for BPW for 5 seasons. He then moved on to coaching for 6 seasons. Eventually, the E-Board came calling. Through the years he has held the titles of Vice President and President, twice, with a combined tenure of 8 years. A glutton for punishment? Probably. The entire Magliozzi family has been a fixture in BPW for the last 30+ years. Whether on the field or off, there is always a Magliozzi to be found. Rocco’s esteemed first lady has been working diligently for years behind the scenes. If you attended our 2018 banquet this past weekend, you know she was the recipient of the Ed Hayes award this year for her volunteer work to the program. Deanna has put in countless hours with registration, cheer paper work, cheering competitions, snack shack duty (almost every Sunday, first game to last), and she is one of the friendly faces working the back room every single Wednesday at Bingo. Her volunteering did not stop in the off years when Rocco did not hold a title in the program. She has always been there to answer a question or to lend a hand when BPW needed her, and there is no doubt her absence will be felt. We can’t forget that Rocco has also been an Eastern Mass board member for 6 years. He will continue to hold this position in the upcoming season. Surely, we will see him at the Lampson, sporting his blue shirt instead of green. A thank you seems so insignificant to a dynamic duo who has given our program so much. But please know from the bottom of our hearts, your contributions are treasured and will be felt throughout the entire program for many seasons to come. So, as we look forward to welcoming the third generation of Magliozzi children

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